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VFX Noise Texture Pack

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This is both an Unreal Engine 4 project, and a source-file pack! A zipfile with the source-files can be found in \VFXNoiseTexPack\SourceFiles\

Most of the textures are hand-drawn along with photoshop filters and many have been used throughout many projects over the years. They are useful for plenty of effects ranging from fantasy all the way up to sci-fi and more.

Many of the effects I have created over the past five years have been utilizing these textures so I am confident that they will be a great set for your future effects as well!

They work great alongside my material function packs: Pack 1 - Pack 2 Technical Details

139 noise textures.

- Handy for special effects on meshes, sprites, and the sort.

86 Noise normals for UV distortion.

- to work in tandem with the noise textures to create stunning shader effects.

31 channel packed noise textures.

- While I prefer to keep my noise textures per file, these –often-used– channel-packed textures have been in my repertoire for many years.

42 sprite-related textures.

- Consider these a tiny bonus.

This all combined results in over 256 textures, ranging from 256x256 up to 2048x2048.

The majority of the noise textures are in a 2048x2048 resolution.

Contains the UV-Distorter material function.

- A material function that allows ease of use combining both the distortion normal maps and noise textures.

10 materials.

- Because we need master materials.

298 material instances.

- To showcase the textures in the preview map, they also allow you to quickly combine results.

1 preview map.

- Because we need a way to showcase all the content.

As long as you don't resell the textures/edit textures and then sell them, it's all good in my book.

Use them in games, on photos, models, and go nuts.

If you do want to include a source file with a model or something, lemme know and we'll figure something out :)

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around 300 noise textures, and a hug!

1.03 GB


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VFX Noise Texture Pack

4 ratings
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